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Professional Hip Hop Producer DJ Keltech
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Who are you?
Music producer and Turntablist

What style do you write
Anything from lofi to orchestral cinematic beats

How long have you been writing music?
started in the mid 90's

What gear do you use?

old hardware and software, Cubase Pro, MPC, reel to reel tape

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keltech beats

Hybrid setup Hardware and Software
 Cubase pro 10
Tascam reel 2 reel 1/4 tape Machine, Icon 6x Midi keyboard
Tubecore Hardware Master Compressor, Audioscape SSL G Bus Hardware Compressor,DBX 160x, Neve 8803 EQ
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Interface,Akai S950 sampler
2 x Warm Audio Pulteq Style Hardware EQ's,Adam Audio AX5 and sub
Lexicon MPX 1 Hardware Reverb, TK Audio Lizer Hardware Master EQ
Console 1 SSL 4000
2 x Technics 1210's



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